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Trustee Meetings:


Trustee meeting are held every third Monday of the month 
at the Hale Ritchie House, 1118 SE Madison St., Topeka, at 7 PM
—Guests & visitors are always welcome!!


2019 Officers:​

  • Pat Michaelis, President

  • Jon Boursaw, Vice President

  • Shirley Discoll, Secretary

  • Tom Ellis, Treasurer

2019 Trustees:

  • Roger Aeschliman

  • Jon Boursaw

  • Christine Steinkuehler

  • Carol Christiansen

  • Diane DeBacker

  • Shirley Driscoll

  • Tom Ellis

  • Tim Hrenchir

  • Linda Jeffrey

  • Mike Lennen

  • Patricia Michaelis

  • Chris Schultz

  • Martin Ahrens

  • Megan Rohleder

  • Nate McAlister

  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page
  • Wix Google+ page





Order Previous Bulletins 


When ordering Bulletins please include:

  • Title 

  • Complete name and address of individual recieving a transcript






Use this link to pre-register for upcoming events.  You can register as a volunteer or just to attend the event.



Use this link to find out about events going on in and around Shawnee County. 



Use this link to find out more about the committees of SCHS.  You can also contact the Committee Chair or join committees you are interested in.



Use this link to find out more about about what our society has done over the past year. This page is updated with archived events. These are past events and some are not annual.

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