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Upcoming Events in 2023

Here are the programs held at 3pm  Sundays in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


    2020 Events


Sept. 27            Allen Stahl on the history of the Topeka Fire Dept.  

October 4th       Joan Barker on the 150th Anniversary of Topeka High

October 11th     George Vega—Topeka High Walk Out and Marching with Casear Chavez

October 25th     Lisa LaRue Baker on the Cherokees and the Civil War

November 1st   The History of Adoption in Kansas by Marilyn Waugh

November 8th   Deb Goodrich on Dolly Curtis, sister of Vice President Charles Curtis

November 15th Doug Wright---Baseball from 1948 to 1961….the Minor leagues in Topeka 

November 22th Wendi Bevitt  on  Colored Troops  

2021 Events


January 10th     Real Estate history of Topeka forum with Helen Crow and Marshall Barber. Hear the seminar here.

January 17th     Thomas Rodriguez on growing up in Topeka and the Bottoms   See Program Here.

January  24th    Tim Paris -The Garlinghouse Company.  Watch Zoom presentation Here.

​​​​​January 31st     Thom Rosenblum— Ike Gilberg, Socialism From Behind a Sewing Machine.  A tape of the event is here.

February 14th   James Woods—Transportation History of Topeka was postponed due to technical difficulties

February 21st   Doug Wallace--Bennie and Estelle Dickson, home grown Bonnie and Clyde has been postponed due to illness

February 28th  Chris Cruz--Fred Harvey, setting the standard for fast, fine food with an envied concept that started in Topeka.

March 7th        Paul Post on the Bates Family, the Bates Banks and Bates Block(this is the Topeka Blueprint Building)  Click Here

March 14th      Dan Warner—Historic buildings on Kansas Ave.


March 21st      Landry Brewer   The Cold War and its impact on Shawnee County   View here.


​March 28th      Doug Wallace on Topeka's own Bonnie and Clyde.   Click Here to see the recorded program

June 13th        James Concannon on the Washburn Law School

July 11th         Chris Meinhardt and Grant Glenn on Constitution Hall    Click here

October 16th    Historic Homes tour with Paul Post reviewing the history of SBA Hill.  Click Here

October 17th    Oral History and the state legislature.  To see the video, click here

October 24th    Christine Steinkuehler on Black History in Topeka pre-1900

October 31st    Rick Peterson reports about the top 25 athletes past and present in Shawnee County  Click Here

November 7th  Nate McAlister reports about the coordinator of the Underground Railroad in Topeka....John Armnstrong  Click here

November 14th Don Chubb talks about prominent women in Topeka.  See the program here

November 21st  Kate Hastings on how to manage historic sites along with with events and tours.   See her talk here.

December 5th   75th Annual Meeting of the Shawnee County Historical Society at the Topeka Country Club  

                       Rex Buchanan spoke on the impact of water in Kansas history

2022 Events

January 16th     Paul Post spoke about the past, present and future of the Docking State Office Building.  See Program Here

January 23        Rachel Devlin; A Girl Stands At the Door


January 30        Mark Law Trusses, Brushes and Balm; the History of Topeka Drugstores


February 6        Brent Campney has a program on the

                        racial violence towards African Americans in Kansas in the mid-1800s

                        through the 20th century.     See his presentation here.

                        "This is Not Dixie"    See his book here. 


February 20th    Topeka's French Pioneers. Doug Wright

                        discussed four French Families who came to Topeka; the Billard and

                        Sardou families and the Laurent and Campdoras families.  To see this presentation, click here.       


February 27th      Lisa La Rue Baker---The Curtis Act and how it has affected Native Americans.  Click here for the program.

March 6th            Mark Law talks about "Trusses, Brushes, and Balm"   History of Topeka Drug Stores Click here for recording  


Mark 13th           Michelle Cuevas-Stubblefield  on the Mariachi Estrella de Topeka.  Click here for recording.


May 15th            A walking tour of Cedar Crest highlighting the Wagon ruts of the Oregon Trail. 3pm  Check out the video here.

August 21st        Tour of the Hicks Block Apartments at 6th and Tyler with Bryan Falk     3pm

September 18th   Tour Mount Hope Cemetery with Ben Coates      3pm  Take a look at an abbreviated tour here.

October 9th         12:30Pm  Tour of the Topeka Zoo with Horticulturalist Rick Knight

October 16th        1-6pm    Historic Homes Tour on Topeka Blvd

October 30th        3pm at Cox Center     Forum on status of Docking State Office Building

November 6th--     3pm at 1118 SE Madison Celebrating 40 years of Topeka Collegiate    

​November 20th--   1118 SE Madison    3pm       Abandoned Structures w/Emily Cowan--See it here.  


December 4th       Annual Meeting      2pm       Great Overland Station with Harvey Girls. 


2023 Events


January 8th--      1118 SE Madison      3pm        Ann Anderson--Adventures of a Mid Century Kid   See recording.   

January 15th--    1118 SE Madison      3pm        Marc Bradley--Stepson to the Mob, growing up in Topeka in the witness protection program.

                                                                     By Zoom  Click Here for the recording.


January 29th       1118 SE Madison       3pm       Valerie Mendoza on Issues before and after Brown v Board of Education  Click here for recording


February 5th        1118 SE Madison       3pm      Washburn Professor Eric McHenry presents an essay on Poet Langston Hughes  

                                                                     See a recording here.


February 19th     1118 SE Madison       3pm      


February 26th     1118 SE Madison       3pm       By Zoom,  Dave Fisher on the abolitionist Rev. Fisher  Here is the link for the program

March 5th           1118 SE Madison       3pm       By Zoom,  Curtis Pitts here on the past, present and future of the Kansas Technical Institute

March 12th         1118 SE Madison       3pm       Topeka History----Show and Tell

March 19th        1118 SE Madison        3pm       Zoom meeting with Cheryl Brown Henderson, one of the daughters

                                                                     of Rev Oliver Brown who was a plaintiff in the Brown vs board of education case.  Watch the

                                                                     full interview here.This has been updated.

April 12th          27th and Boswell        3pm       Tour of the Ritchie Cemetery which began in the late 1850's






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