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The Historical Highlights Review


The Shawnee County Historical Society is committed to preserving the past and making it accessible to those interested in knowing who we are and where we come from. Published annually since 1946, by volunteer researchers and writers who explore a certain topic in time, the Bulletins take us back to our roots, connecting us to our rich past and to those who came before us.




Meet the Staff



Johnathan Hart

Associate Editors

Analeigh Vanderpool

Chris Bowers

Editor Assistants 

Chloe Mooradian

Mallory Lutz

Nicolette Reuter

Technical Editors

Joe Simpson

Katie Wade

Jordan Callison
























Historical Highlights Review

Popular Bulletins


  • The Capital's Storied Capitols: 1856-1886, v. 85, 2011

  • Lively Elmhurst, v. 84, 2009

  • Bungalow Homes for the Nation: The L.F. Garlinghouse Co. of Topeka, v. 83, 2008

  • Before Kansas Bled, v. 82, 2007

  • Prairie Palace: The Great Overland Station/The Union Pacific in Topeka, v. 81, 2004

  • Holiday Park: Heart and spirit of the city, v. 80, 2003

  • Strolling Down the Avenue (Downtown Topeka #2), v. 79, 2002

  • Topeka Floods , v. 78, 2001

  • A Topekan for All Seasons : Life of Chester Woodward, 1876-1940 , v. 77, 2000

  • A Park in the Country : Gage Park , v. 76, 1999

  • Oakwood Farm : A biography of a Kaw Valley homestead , v. 75, 1998

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