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Topeka Capitol Tours

The Kansas State Capitol has been through twelve years of restoration--with the work completed and the Capitol officially dedicated in a ceremony on Kansas Day, January 29, 2014. The building has been reopened to tours:


Building hours:


-- 8 AM to 5 PM, Mon.-Fri.; 8 AM to 1 PM Sat.; closed Sundays and state holidays.


Historic Tours:

-- Jan.- May: 9/10/11 AM, 1/2/3 PM, Mon.-Fri.


-- Jun.- Dec.: 9/11 AM, 1/3 PM, Mon.-Fri.



Over 50 thousand people have taken a dome tour at the Kansas State Capitol since dome tours were reintroduced in January 2006. The 296 steps of this spectacular tour literally takes the breath away.


Dome Tours:

 Jan.-Dec.: 9:30/10:15/11:15 AM, 12:15/1:15/2:15/3:15 PM, Mon.-Fri.



The Kansas Capitol has limited underground parking for visitors. There is no fee to enter the Capitol during business hours. Tours are provided by the Kansas Historical Society.

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