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Shawnee County Historical Society
Cox Communications Heritage Education Center

The Historic John & Mary Jane Ritchie House and the Bleeding Kansas era
1116-1118 SE Madison Avenue 
P.O. Box 2201
Topeka, KS 66601
Phone: 785-234-6097
Emergency Phone: 785-224-4156
The Historic Ritchie House is open  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 1 pm    Other times of the week, Call  785 234 6097
Admission Fee for Ritchie House
$.50 Students, $2.00 Adults.
August 18th   a tour of the Topeka Performing Arts Center will be given by Beth Fager and John Hunter.   TPAC is located at 8th and Quincy and we will meet at the Box office

September 29th We will be hosting our annual historic homes tour.  This year's center of attention are buildings/lofts in downtown Topeka.   Stay tuned for more details.


October 14th      7pm   Paul Post will talk about the red brick buildings on the SBA hill.   Post has done the research and will give you the information at the Topeka Public Library


October 18th  Time to be determined. There will be a panel discussion at the Public Library about the Menninger Foundation and its impact on Topeka


October 20th   at 3pm We will tour the Carousel at Gage Park with Anne Stauffer.   Gage Park is located at 6th and Gage.

November TBD    A 3pm tour of the Woodward House at 1272 SW Fillmore

December 8th   Annual Meeting at the Topeka Country Club at 12 noon.   Cost is $35.  

All programs are free to Historical Society members however non members will be asked to donate $5  to attend.      Annual Meeting is different.


Are you interested in Lithographs of Old Areas of Shawnee county?   We have five of them for sale for $15 a piece plus shipping and handling. 

Click here to see the view of Tecumseh in 1869

Click here to see old Topeka Buildings

Click here to see Topeka in 1869

Click here to see Topeka in 1880
Click here to see a Map of the Great Plains
If you are interested call 785 234 6097 or send us an email at

Please help the Society by signing up with Dillon's and designate your purchases to help the Society.   It It won't cost you a thing and will help us. Click here and scroll down the page to see how to sign up.


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