Shawnee County Historical Society
Cox Communications Heritage Education Center
The Historic John & Mary Jane Ritchie House
and the Bleeding Kansas era
1116-1118 SE Madison Avenue 
P.O. Box 2201
Topeka, KS 66601
Phone: 785-234-6097
Emergency Phone: 785-224-4156
Historic Ritchie House Public Tours

Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 1 pm
Other times of the week, Call  785 234 6097
Suggested Admission Fee for Ritchie House
$.50 Students, $2.00 Adults. Masks Unnecessary.
Closed May 26 thru May 31st

        The next Special Event will be held in  June at 3pm at the Row Houses near 6th and Tyler.    This will be something different; a walking tour discussing the old building and how it has survive.  You won't want to miss it.   This is an in-person event and there will be some  walking involved.

Are you interested in Lithographs of Old Areas of Shawnee county.   We have five of them for sale for $15 a piece plus shipping and handling.  
Click here to see the view of Tecumseh in 1869.

Click here to see old Topeka Buildings

Click here to see Topeka in 1869

Click Here to see Topeka in 1880
Click here to see a Map of the Great Plains
If you are interested call 785 234 6097 or send us an email at

Please help the Society by signing up with Amazon Smiles or  Dillon's and designate your purchases to help the Society.   It won't cost you a thing and will help us. Click here and scroll down the page to see how to sign up.


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