Join Us For the Following Events in 2020



TBD                   Sue Ann Norlin Stell;  11:11, The Carl Fyler

                         Story  (WW II pilot)

                         Cox Center 1118 SE Madison              3PM 


TBD                    Lisa Sandmeyer, Topeka Cemetery


                          Cox Center 1118 SE Madison              3PM 


TBD                    Doug Wright  on The Topeka Owls, Topeka Hawks & Topeka Reds

                          in the Golden Age of Minor League Baseball in Topeka 1946-1961.”  

                          Cox Center 1118 SE Madison               3PM 

TBD                    George Vega Visits about the Walkout at

                         Topeka High in the 1970's                    3PM

                         Cox Education Center 1118 SE Madison


TBD                    Annual Historic Homes Tour               2-5PM

                            Various Homes in Topeka



TBD                    Lisa LaRue, the Cherokee and the Civil War    

                          Cox Center 1118 SE Madison                3PM 


December 6        Annual Membership Meeting                12PM 

                         Topeka Country Club   2700 SW Buchanan